smart lighting as a service

Is NOW the right solution for you?

In many companies, the initial situation is ideal for a NOW solution. We have put together the most important questions about our service.

Your lighting is outdated

Your lighting system is more than 5 years old and uses conventional lamp technologies such as HQL, HQI, HAST or T26 in combination with obsolete magnetic ballasts.

Your energy consumption is high

You have a large number of inefficient luminaires and long operating times, but your lighting system cannot currently be dimmed for technical reasons. This results in unnecessarily high monthly energy bills.

Maintenance is expensive

The essential replacement of defective light sources, ballasts and complete luminaires in difficult-to-reach places is costing you time, money and manpower.

Your light quality is inadequate

Insufficient light levels, unsatisfactory colour reproduction and uneven light distribution: all factors that lead to higher error rates and employees becoming tired more quickly.

Your budget is already planned

You have recently invested in core competencies like machinery or product development. There is currently no budget in place for renewal of the lighting installation or achievement of comprehensive energy savings.


What services do I receive with NOW?

  • Project management
  • Inventory completion
  • Lighting design
  • Delivery of luminaires & controls
  • Dismantling & disposal of old solution
  • Installation of new system
  • Activation & commissioning
  • Personalised finance solution
  • Optimisation through annual servicing & maintenance
  • Support with the requirements for official subsidies
  • 5-year Zumtobel guarantee
  • Extended Zumtobel warranty
  • Extended on-site warranty for the duration of contract

You can really enjoy an all-round service. Zumtobel Group Services operates the lighting system for the duration of the NOW agreement. We look after all necessary work and ensure perfect operation at all times. For example, we repair or replace defective luminaires. Everything is covered by the agreed NOW rate – so you incur no additional costs during the term of the contract

Are there restrictions on the application?

NOW is essentially a profitable solution for all applications - not only in terms of energy saving and cost reduction. Improved light quality and precisely directed light ensure better comfort and increased productivity. Switching to LED takes the stress out of having to think about the latest restrictions on types of light sources.

Ideal applications for NOW are industry, logistics and parking garages, thanks largely to the high numbers of similar luminaires, long operating times and obsolete lighting systems. Other potential areas include retail, office and OPL (outdoor public lighting).

How does NOW pay off?

The switch to LED delivers significant operational cost savings, which means that a new LED lighting system can be financed with little or no additional expense.

Ideally the resulting savings are so high that the new lighting - including installation and maintenance - can be completely financed from these alone.

There are also various subsidies that make the NOW service even more attractive. Our project managers know which funding you can claim and support you with the application process.

What happens at the end of the contract period?

You have the option to extend the service contract when the existing agreement expires. This means that you can guarantee the long-term quality of your luminaires, but you also have the option to sign a new contract with us and receive a modern new lighting system. On request this can even be combined with our other services (such as regular servicing and maintenance).

Are some projects too big or too small?

No. It is quite simple. As a rule, the higher the number of luminaires and the longer the operating periods, the higher the potential savings.

Can I decide to use NOW for part of a building?

Yes. For example, NOW can be utilised to finance a production hall, but not for the associated office area.

Can I provide my own services as a customer?

You naturally have the option to continue existing partnerships (e.g. with your preferred electrician). Internal or external specialists can be reflected in the terms of the contract agreement where appropriate.

Who does the installation?

As a rule, specialists from selected subcontractors undertake the installation. This may include members of our Lighting Solution Partner Programme (LLP). Your preferences will naturally always be taken into account.

I only need financing, as my in-house electrician will install the lighting system. Is that possible?

This is not a problem. The terms of the warranty and the guarantee can be adjusted accordingly.

What is the average contract term?

The average length of a service contract is between five and eight years.

What services do I receive as part of the NOW service contract?

We guarantee you services that are defined in advance and contractually agreed. These could include:

  • Optimum illumination level or defined light quality
  • Fixed energy-efficiency targets
  • Improved user comfort through changes in colour temperature, automatic daylight and presence control or individual lighting controls

What we need from you

In order to understand your current lighting situation and to work out the advantages of NOW for you, we need the following information:

Necessary information

  1. Your current electricity price
  2. The operating hours of your system  

Other helpful information:

  1. Current maintenance costs Inventory lighting (lamp replacement, cleaning, etc.)
  2. Number of luminaires and connection power
  3. Short description of the room function (eg: office, warehouse, etc.)
  4. Ground plan of the building parts (at best as * .dwg or * .dxf)

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