smart lighting as a service
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Light as a service

“We take the topic light in our hands over the entire contract term. You don’t need to worry about anything and can fully focus on your core business. With NOW we relieve you from the necessity to buy lighting. Instead we offer you flexible service contracts for a fixed monthly rate. This way you benefit from the latest lighting technology including all installation and maintenance tasks.”

Herbert Pamminger Vice President Business Development, Zumtobel Group Services

No Investment

You do not buy lighting anymore. You acquire light as a service at a fixed monthly rate. Our service contracts guarantee you a modern, optimally operated and efficient lighting solution, without any investment hurdles.


Planning, assembly, commissioning and regular maintenance: all tasks related to the lighting are handled by us. We take care of your light.

A Competent Partner

With Zumtobel Group Services, you have an experienced partner with many years of technical know-how at your side. We guarantee you a consistent service level at uniform conditions. We know which grants you can claim and support you in applying for these funds.

Better light, better productivity

NOW enables you to keep your lighting right up to date. Good lighting supports improved working conditions and enhances well-being. Your employees work more effectively, make fewer mistakes and increase their productivity.

Immediate energy savings

You save money as soon as your new lighting system becomes operational. The fixed monthly rate reflects part of the energy savings, which helps free up your capital for other investments.

Improved light quality

Our light-contracting model enables you to remain flexible in a very dynamic technology environment and to benefit from the latest innovations and the associated cost savings – both today and in the future. Our LED lighting solutions with specially developed optics improve light quality and support better visual perception.

Environmentally friendly

The installation of an efficient lighting system with lower power consumption will help cut CO2. Costs related to CO2 emissions will be reduced – in line with your environmental footprint.

Avoid obsolete light sources

Inefficient light sources are gradually being phased out through a series of EU regulations. With NOW, enforced lighting changes take care of themselves.

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Case Study: FARO Foundation, Windisch/CH

“The service model offered by the Zumtobel Group really appealed to us. It saves investment costs, increases energy efficiency and above all delivers excellent light. The ergonomics of the workplace and the lighting are key factors for people with disabilities. The positive cooperation with the Zumtobel Group has made the step to gaining new light really easy for us. I was particularly impressed by the way such a large company did so much for a client on site.”

Dani Hohler Managing Director of FARO Foundation.