FARO Foundation, Windisch/CH

“The service model offered by Zumtobel Group Services really appealed to us. It saves investment costs, increases energy efficiency and above all delivers excellent light. The ergonomics of the workplace and the lighting are key factors for people with disabilities. The positive cooperation has made the step to gaining new light really easy for us. I was particularly impressed by the way such a large company did so much for a client on site.“

Dani Hohler, Managing Director of FARO Foundation.

Project Details

  • Term of the contract 5 years
  • Area First floor: 1120 m2, Second floor: 1040 m2
  • Number of Luminaires 236
  • Products Zumtobel: TECTONBasic continuous-row luminaires, Thorn: PopPack battens
  • Reduction in connected load 26 kW
  • Energy saving 68,923 kWh / a

AGN, Neurodt/DE

“Modern lighting means daily added value for our employees. The higher light levels improve comfort at the workplace and at the same time help us benefit from very good energy savings. NOW gives us a daily return and the peace of mind that our lighting is in good hands.“

Frank Hildebrandt, Operations Manager at AGN

Project Details

  • Term of the contract 6 years
  • Project size 8 production halls incl. a foundry
  • Area Approx. 7500 m2
  • Products CRAFT HT high-bays, TECTON C continuous-row luminaires, SCUBA LED moisture-proof luminaires
  • Reduction in connected load 27 kW
  • Energy saving 205,001 kWh/a
  • Energy cost saving 46 %

Aveve, Brustem/BE

“The lighting in the sales area had its best years already behind it – for various reasons. The luminaires were outdated and the illuminance levels were not sufficient to properly illuminate the products on the shelves. I also knew that I was using energy unnecessarily and so I wanted to switch to LED. I got in touch with the Zumtobel Group via Aveve Belgium. The NOW concept impressed me on a number of different levels.”

Kris Marguillier, Managing Director at Aveve Brustem (BE)

Project Details

  • Term of the contract 5 years
  • Number of Luminaires 137
  • Products Zumtobel: TECTON continuous-row luminaires, SCUBA moisture-proof luminaires
  • Reduction in connected load 14 kW
  • Energy saving 53,145 kWh/a
  • Energy cost saving 10,966 €/a
  • CO2 saving 72%

Faigle, Hard/AT

“We had the choice between buying the new luminaires ourselves – which we have always done previously – or handing over the entire responsibility for the lighting system to Zumtobel Group Services with their NOW service offer. We went with the second option, as it seemed to offer various advantages. For a start, the NOW team looked after the project design and chose the luminaires, which saved us a great deal of time. It is also reassuring to know that the lighting system will be well looked after - not only in terms of maintenance but also when it comes to possible changes in standards and legislation. We know that regular maintenance and, if necessary, further optimisation of the lighting is guaranteed. The savings achieved with the new LED luminaires are also very positive.”

Jürgen Zech, Production Manager and member of the Faigle management board

Project Details

  • Term of the contract 5 years
  • Number of Luminaires 398
  • Products Zumtobel: TECTON continuous-row luminaires, SCUBA moisture-proof luminaires, MIREL surface-mounted luminaires, Thorn: AquaForce moisture-proof luminaires, Primata Pro, PopPack battens
  • Reduction in connected load 30 kW
  • Energy saving 65%

SAPA, Nenzing/AUT

Sapa is a worldwide operating producer of aluminum in Nenzing, Austria. They have decided upon taking a NOW service contract including maintenance. In the upcoming years Zumtobel Group Services takes care of energy savings up to 50 percent – despite a more than 30 percent higher illuminance of 300 till 500 Lux. A measurement device observes energy consumption, illuminance and operating hours continuously. Based on the reduced energy costs Sapa benefits from instant cost savings. In addition to that, ZGS ensures that performance, lighting quality, efficiency and functionality are given over the entire life cycle.

„Zumtobel Group Services provides us with an efficient LED-illumination and guarantees at the same time massive cost savings. This again allows us to fundamentally improve our lighting without a direct investment and by immediately saving costs. It has been a long established wish to improve the lighting in our company, but we’ve been prioritizing our core business. With NOW we can concentrate on the development of our company and have an energy efficient lighting of which our employees benefit.”

Birgit Keller, Chief Financial Officer Sapa Extrusion